A brief introduction to Paradiso dot zone.

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OK, introductions: Quadra here. I'm an independent game designer and artist, mostly known for my RPG blog traaa.sh and my Mothership RPG module Warped Beyond Recognition, though I've also worked in the video game industry for quite a few years. Here's a nice quote from the creator of Mothership:

For those of you who don’t know, Quadra has had a sort of outsized impact on Mothership’s development for how little you’ve probably seen of them. Their blog Traaash is just incredible. I’m always looking forward to their play reports from their home game. Their Calm house rules for Mothership are widely used. Even their custom character sheet altered the direction we took ours.

— Sean McCoy, creator of Mothership & #dungeon23

Paradiso is the label I publish my games and other projects under, including my YouTube channel, where I'm posting project updates and in-depth tabletop, art, & crafting videos. This site, paradiso.zone, is the hub for everything I make.

Become a member to support my work directly and get a lot of cool stuff (this works just like Patreon, but with a discount because I own this site and there are no venture capitalists skimming 8-12% off the top! You pay less, I get more. Pretty cool 🖤)

A brief overview of Member Perks

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  • The warm feeling that comes from supporting an independent creator
  • My undying gratitude 🖤