CRF-002: Devourer

Episode 2 of Paradiso Craft, all about sculpting and painting a horrible little horde of monsters for Chris McDowall's tabletop skirmish game, The Doomed.

CRF-002: Devourer

Paradiso Craft's second episode is out! I make a bunch of horrible little guys with unintentionally juicy butts.

This was my first foray into mini sculpting (that I've seen to completion, at least), and I think I learned a lot. I feel like these videos are a little bit tutorial, and a lot just "here's me figuring this out," whatever you want to call that. I hope the missteps are as valuable to you as they were to me.

I really like these guys, warts and all, and I'm hoping to make more horrors from The Doomed in future videos.

By the way, if you want to try playing The Doomed, I've made some helpful warband and campaign sheets over on TRAAASH that you can print out.

Here's a little gallery of glamour shots of the critters:

Thanks for watching!