What Paradiso is, who Quadra is, and what this is all about.

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What the heck

Paradiso is a label that publishes great games and game materials.

I'm Quadra, this is my thing. Maybe you know me from my blog TRAAA.SH, maybe from my RPG adventure Warped Beyond Recognition, maybe from #dungeon23, maybe from my YouTube channel. Maybe you just stumbled in from the storm. Hi.

I have a lot of projects running. My focus these days is on indie tabletop games like RPGs and skirmish games. I've also worked professionally in video games (and still do consultation) but these days I'm really attracted to the freeform and social nature of games you play with other people in the room (or, if we must, over video).

After leaving full-time game studio work in a state of total burnout, I realized work had been turning me into someone I didn't want to be. So now I'm off on my own, making the things I want to make, forging the life that I want to lead. Hence: Paradiso.

Seeking stability only clouds your soul. Fear of failing only kills seeds of innovation. We must create a more exciting future where people feel free to dream and leap into a world of possibilities. We must create a freer future where people are eager to truly live.

— Yamauchi No.10 Family Office


I like paying people for things. Not to throw money around, but to support their work. I like the simplicity of that transaction. I like buying art from artists. I like businesses like Blot, Arena, and Pinboard, for just making something good and trusting that people will value it and pay them accordingly.

That's what I want to do here. I don't want to bullshit you or waste your time or sell your data in pursuit of exponential growth. I want to make great work and show it to you and make a living. That's it.


If you're a fan of tabletop RPGs, skirmish games, game design, making things, and/or world-building, then signing up for a Basic, Expert, or Companion membership can help support my work and get you some great perks.

It's kind of like a Patreon but you get a discount because this is an independent site running on open-source software made by a nonprofit. Also there are no venture capitalists skimming 8-12% off the top. So you pay less and I get more. Isn't that nice?

Work for hire

I also do consulting and work for hire. If you're a tabletop or video game maker/studio looking for help figuring out thorny design issues, building a game, making a website or tool, or laying out books for print, shoot an email to paradiso@paradiso.zone and we can work something out.

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