A living book of tables for Mothership & other RPGs.

HUNDREDS is currently in prerelease and is only available to Companion tier members here at It will be released for purchase soon on DriveThruRPG.

HUNDREDS is a book for Mothership and other sci-fi, cyberpunk, and/or horror systems. It's a collection of d100 tables that are full of character, to help Wardens come up with strange new NPCs, settings, situations, items, and more to surprise and delight their players. It's meant to be used during prep and at the table.

And it's kind of an experiment: I want to get it into peoples’ hands sooner rather than later, and since this is a book of use-anywhere tables instead of a single specific module, HUNDREDS will start its life as a digital book (distributed as a PDF) which I will periodically update as I write more entries.

The book will always cost 1 cent per table entry. That’s 1 dollar per d100 table. I think that’s pretty reasonable already — but then once you've bought it, you also get all future updates to the digital book for free.

So: if Roux buys the book at the start when there are only 3 d100 tables, she only pays $3! If Vasilev buys it later when there are 10 d100 tables, he pays $10. And so on. But by the time Vasilev got the book with 10 tables, Roux got the additional 7 tables in an updated PDF — for free. And both of them get the 11th table and every table after that, for free, forever.

Also: HUNDREDS will never go on sale.

There is one other way to get access to the book, though: becoming a paid member here at (which has a lot of other benefits besides!)

Thanks for joining me in this experiment, and I hope you enjoy the book.

— Quadra

P.S. There are also some bonus tables thrown in for free ;)