Announcing the big book of d100 tables for Mothership RPG, available now to Companion Tier members.


HUNDREDS is my new book of flavorful d100 tables for Mothership (or your favorite tabletop space dystopia), and you can get it now if you sign up for a Companion Membership. It will also be coming soon to DriveThruRPG.

If you're running a game, you know that it's a lot of work — you have to prep, organize, come up with locations, situations, characters, items, relationships, on and on. And then at game night, your players somehow find the one path you thought they'd never go down and you have to flesh it out on the fly as if it had been there all along.

the cover

Now, HUNDREDS won't do all that work for you, but it will lighten the load: it's a collection of d100 tables of various things to include in your games — or inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Right now it's relatively small, with 3 main tables:

  1. d100 Contraband to find stowed in secret compartments or black markets. Illustrated by Quadra.
  2. d100 Non-Regulation Patches for more options to adorn PCs and NPCs with. Illustrated by Bodie H.
  3. d100 Available Contractors to hire for your next big job. Some of them are even useful. Illustrated by Evlyn Moreau.

Plus a free bonus table: d100 Notorious Contractor Names which could also work for bounties or other NPCs. Illustrated by Evlyn Moreau.

The book is going to grow and evolve over time. I already have several more tables in the works. And as I add to it, the price will go up, $1 per table.

Once you've bought it, you get all future updates to the book for free. So the first version, when it goes live on DriveThruRPG, is 3 d100 tables + 1 bonus table = $3. When I add a fourth table, it'll be $4, and so on. The earlier you get the book, the more tables you get for free.

this could be you

Also, I should mention: HUNDREDS will never go on sale.

The only other way to get HUNDREDS is through a Companion membership here at, which includes access to prerelease versions, and you get some creative input into the book as it develops.

So: subscribe to Paradiso to get your copy of HUNDREDS!

N.B. Astute observers may have noticed that the first 3 main tables have previously appeared in the Tannhäuser Remote Desktop App that comes with Warped Beyond Recognition. The versions in the book are revised, re-edited, and now come with lovely illustrations. Plus they're more accessible in PDF format ;) The Contractor Names table and future tables are totally new.