CRF-001: Stairs

About making stairs, stills from the glamour shoot, a color palette for you to use, and a cute cat.

CRF-001: Stairs
stairs in the wild

Hello! I hope you enjoy the video. I'm dipping my toes into of being one of those people who makes YouTube videos about making things. I made a couple of videos about my #dungeon23 project The Blades of Gixa, and now as I'm getting into making some models and terrain to play The Doomed, I figured hey why not film the process and share it? And so we have episode 1 of Paradiso Craft.

It's been a long time since I've done any real tabletop terrain or minis stuff – I usually run RPGs in a "theater of the mind" style: just conversation and imagination, with minimal props or visual aids. And when it is the case that props are needed to illuminate a tactical situation, I tend to prefer whatever is immediately at hand: boxes, salt shakers, books, etc.: objects that are generic enough that players won't get confused about how literally to take them, and can easily project onto them whatever the situation calls for.