The Blades of Gixa

A dense, lovely #dungeon23 megadungeon, created over the course of a year(ish), coming soon to Kickstarter!

The Blades of Gixa
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A 12-floor megadungeon filled with itinerant cave elves, wary dredge orcs, cultured giant frogs, religious goat-folk, bathhouses, cities, mushrooms, skulls, crypts, fell magics, lamiæ, demons on ice, goddesses and more...

All drawn day-by-day by Quadra (creator of Warped Beyond Recognition) over the course of a year(ish) for #dungeon23. A strange, organic megadungeon with an eclectic mix of classic fantasy and real weirdo stuff. Broadly compatible with classic RPGs. Laid out as spreads with everything you need to know right there on the page, usually written right next to the room itself, sometimes in the margins. A bit chaotic, but fun!


“Oh my GOD are you kidding me? It looks so beautiful when I see it all laid out. You’ve done it again. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.”

—Sean McCoy
creator of Mothership & #dungeon23
“The best dungeon to come out of #dungeon23. Watched this unfold over a year, one day at a time—and still have no idea how they did it: a multi-level, multi-biome-d, beautifully keyed dungeon that is nevertheless completely coherent both visually and textually. Quadra must be some sort of sorcerer!”

—Zedeck Siew
writer of A Thousand Thousand Islands
and Creatures of Near Kingdoms
“Remember the DUNGEON 23 challenge? For a white moment of excitement, the tabletop community revved its engine to build megadungeons, all in the open, daily, for an entire year. 99% of those who set out on the journey fell from the path, but an amazing few truly fulfilled the mission of the project. One of these was QUADRA, with the work you see in this campaign.

Runehammer here. I watched Quadra, day by day, ruthlessly crushing this project. I contacted him, cheered him on, and dreamed of running some hapless players through the madness someday. Without further ado, he has asseembled all of that glorious mayhem into one masterwork: THE BLADES OF GIXA!

Can you play it? Comprehend it? Join the fun that DUNGEON 23 envisioned, in all its labyrinthine lunacy, with this mindbending poster, and may your dice be kind.”

Creator of Index Card RPG, Hardcore Mode, and Crown & Skull
“A super-duper-cool-looking megadungeon”

Creator of Isle of Ixx