One of the original Mothership RPG blogs. The origin of Calm, No-Initiative Action, and other influential house rules.



TRAAASH was one of the very first blogs in the Mothership RPG community, and according to Sean McCoy (creator of Mothership), has had an “outsized impact on Mothership’s development” and is “just incredible.” (Thanks, Sean!)

It’s a blog with a relaxed update schedule, a distinctive visual style, and is packed with useful tools, ideas, and information for Wardens everywhere.


For those of you who don’t know, Quadra has had a sort of outsized impact on Mothership’s development for how little you’ve probably seen of them. Their blog Traaash is just incredible. I’m always looking forward to their play reports from their home game. Their Calm house rules for Mothership are widely used. Even their custom character sheet altered the direction we took ours.
— Sean McCoy, creator of Mothership



  • An RPG blog by Quadra, primarily for Mothership, the award-winning indie sci-fi horror tabletop RPG.
  • Running since 2019.