Corpocrat Dogs

A multi-page collection of tables for creating awful megacorp executives for Mothership, featured in Hull Breach vol 1.

Corpocrat Dogs
ANO-HB1-DOG Art by Sajan Rai.


“The award for the most useful single article goes to Corpocrat Dogs by Quadra with art by Sajan Rai, which presents randomly generated corporate handlers, each with a name and appearance, a grating modus operandi that almost guarantees that the players will love to hate them, a dark secret that will lead to trouble down the line, and a mission generator referencing the contents of other articles. Since in Mothership, the characters are almost certain to be bumping up against needy corporate types, I think this article could be used in any campaign, probably multiple times.”
 — What Hull Breach Teaches Us

Corpocrat Dogs is a multi-page collection of tables for creating awful megacorp executives, usable straight-up or for mix-and-matching. Featuring names, appearances, motives, schemes, weaknesses, hooks, secrets, power trips, etc. It was published as part of the Hull Breach Vol. 1 Mothership RPG Anthology.

Per Anodyne:

“Hull Breach Vol. 1 from publisher Anodyne Printware is a massive adventure and supplement anthology compatible with the new Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1st Edition. This eclectic hoard of all-new sci-fi scenarios, GM tools, monsters and more doubles as a complete sandbox campaign setting: effortlessly weaving punchy one shots into multi-session epics.”

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  • A set of tables for populating your Mothership RPG world with awful executives
  • Written by Quadra for Hull Breach Vol. 1
  • Art by Sajan Rai