• Created by Anodyne Printware as part of the Hull Breach Vol. 1 Mothership anthology
  • Winner of the 2023 Gold ENNIE for Best Aid/Accessory Digital
  • Contributors: Ian Yusem, Matt Umland, Meredith Silver, Liam Stevens, & Quadra
  • Initial release: 2023-03-30


Quadra wrote dozens of entries for Anodyne Printware’s Rimspace Planet Generator, a free, ENNIE-winning, system-neutral tool for generating interesting planets with strange things on them for your tabletop RPGs.


The Rimspace Planet Generator won the Gold ENNIE for Best Aid/Accessory Digital in 2023.


Rimspace Planet Generator (Green UI, terrestrial planet)Rimspace Planet Generator (Green UI, terrestrial planet) Rimspace Planet Generator (Orange UI, gas giant)Rimspace Planet Generator (Orange UI, gas giant)